One-on-one Coding Education

Do you want your child to learn how to code? School is where kids are expected to learn, yet only 40% of schools teach coding. This gap needs to be filled because computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the United States![1] Coding is a skill that anyone can learn, and it's easiest if you start young.

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Knowing where to start when teaching yourself can feel impossible. DiveCoding solves these problems with one-on-one teaching for kids of all ages. From basic web pages to advanced applications, learning to code is now doable!

Who Is DiveCoding?

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Hi, I'm Dawson! DiveCoding is my mission to empower the next generation. When I was young, coding resources were hard to find. Instead of learning early, I was lost in a sea of advanced tutorials. After endless searching, I ultimately failed at teaching myself. It's still vivid to me how frustrated I felt.

If it weren't for my High School Teacher Mrs. Lin, I would have never become a programmer. Thanks to her encouragement and teaching skills, coding was doable. We started with simple programs. At first they just said "Hello World", but they quickly got more complicated. Every child should have the same opportunity!

I'm now a software engineer in San Francisco at Uber. Before this, I earned a B.S. from the University of Colorado while co-founding HackCU. I have taught coding professionally in several situations already.[2]. You can read more about me at DawsBot.com.

How Do We Get Started?

I'm looking to take on two students for two hours a week. That's four hours total. I am only taking on two students in order to ensure the highest quality of teaching for your child.

Web development is where I like to begin because it's the fastest possible way to success for basic programs. This involves html, css, and JavaScript. After progressing past these concepts, we will publish a live website for the world to see! The above development assumes your child has no previous experience coding.

If your child has experience coding already, we can begin at more advanced concepts like dynamic data and backend services.

The skills we will cover are taken directly from my experience building real web apps. Kids love this. Having quick feedback and real results are what I have found to keep the learning process engaging.

Say hello today by emailing hi@divecoding.com! If DiveCoding is a fit, we can begin with a free no-strings attached lesson. Most nights and weekends are currently available.

Dive in to coding today with DiveCoding!