Create an Unforgettable Hackathon

We believe everybody deserves to innovate. Our agency of top-tier hackathon organizers can partner with you to organize a world-class hackathon

A one-of-a-kind event

Acquire Top Talent

Hosting your own hackathon can result in the lowest possible cost-per-hire. Impress hundreds of developers in a single event.

Gain Users

Nothing is better than enthusiastic early-adopters. A good hackathon product can educate and convert tons of new users.

Brand Exposure

After hosting a memorable hackathon, developers and creatives alike will remember the positives for years to come.

Your Team

Dawson's headshot

Dawson Botsford

Co-founded HackCU and grew this hackathon from birth to 200 attendees. Seen tens of hackathons with Major League Hacking and helped organize UberHacks 2017.

Alex's headshot

Alex Walling

Co-founded and grew HackCU to over 400 attendees. Traveled to and supported 20 collegiate hackathons in the past year as a Major League Hacking Coach. Consulted on an internal corporate hackathon, with over 800 participants in attendance.

Madison's headshot

Madison Pfaff

Madison Pfaff graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in three years with degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematical Decision Sciences. Madison is an Artificial Intelligence Product Manager with Comcast NBCUniversal’s CORE Technology Program.
She continues to hack the glass ceiling for women and minorities with public speaking and mentorship.

Proven Methods

On-site Experts

If something goes wrong, you'll want experts there. We have a track-record attending over 50 hackathons as on-site experts and can help you keep the event on-track.

Attendee Check-in Management

From applications to on-site Check-ins, we manage the full flow. Use attendee info to market before, during, and after your event to create an effective marketing campaign.


Our team of engineers can build a mobile-friendly website to advertise your hackathon.

Wifi and Power

Most hackathons have sluggish wifi. This leaves hackers frustrated and unable to build. We can help you find vendors who provide top-tier speed.

Nourish Attendees

24-hours of pizza leaves attendees tired and sick. Provide for attendees and nourish them with our hackathon meal-plans.